10 Reasons Shungite is the Crystal of 2020 & Beyond


"Did you say Suge Knight!?"  Took me & my friends a while to work out how to say this precious stones name correctly.

When lockdown begun at the beginning of spring 2020, Google searches for shungite more than tripled as people's fears around 5G masts & how this may affect our health, led many people to begin researching options to counteract the negative effects of radiation.

So What's Shungite?  
Shungite originates from Karelia, Russia, in a village called Shunga, which is where it gets its name.  It's a form of carbon containing fullerenes* (*a unique carbon molecular formation & powerful antioxidant). Carbon is a non metal element, such as a diamond. 

Given the name 'Miracle Stone' & 'The Stone of Life', this ancient stone is considered to be almost 2 billion years old & is also said to contain almost all of the chemical elements of the periodic table.

Shungite Grades/Type

  • Type I     Elite/Noble Shungite (Metallic) contains 90-98% organic carbon
  • Type II    Petrovsky Shungite (Black/Grey, easily polished) 50-70% organic carbon
  • Type III   Shungite (Matt Black) contains 30-50% organic carbon

Elite shungite is very rare & accounts for 1% of all known shungite.

Astrologically, Judy Hall's Crystal Encyclopedia associates this stone with zodiac sign Scorpio & celestial body Pluto, which are both associated with transformation.

Let's get into the 10 Reasons:

1 - Radiation Protection
Shungite protects, shields & diminishes radiation emitted from computers, mobile phones & electronic devices.  A good way to test the authenticity of your shungite, is to purchase a digital multi-meter & place this next to a operating microwave or router. Observe the reading, then place shungite closeby & observe the reading again.  Genuine shungite will always ensure the reading reduces significantly.

2 - Neturalises Free-Radicals
Free-radicals are 'unstoppable' atoms which cause damage to cells.  The fullerenes* in shungite are powerful antioxidants, which scavenge on free-radicals & protect cells from free-radical damage. 

3 - Purifies Water
Shungite removes heavy metals, toxins, chemicals & impurities from water, this is due to the high hydrogen content.  Hydrogen is a molecule which is high in antioxidants & is also anti-inflammatory. 

Shungite is used to purify, cleanse & mineralise water & is also used in water filtration systems.  The carbon present in Shungite is also porous which aids the water filtration process.  Shungite enriched water can help skin conditions such as eczema.

4 - Antibacterial Properties
Russian Scientists have found that Shungite kills a variety of viruses & pathogens including staphylococcus & e-coli. 

5 - Aura Shielding
When worn, Shungite forms a protective shield around the person, repelling negative energy & harmful psychic energy.

6 - Grounding
Shungite has grounding properties which not only connects us to the earth, but also balances, aligns & heals the root, sacral & solar plexus chakras.

7 - Reduces Stress & Anxiety
Has been found to support physical & emotional balance & help combat geopathic stress. 

8 - Magnetises Positivity 
Shungite may purify the aura, attracting positive energy into the bio-field.

9 - HIV Treatment
Research has shown that the active component of Shungite, *fullerenes can help slow down cell growth in HIV.  Check out the research paper here.
Russian scientists have confirmed that Shungite can also improve immune system function.

10 - Nobel Peace Price Winning
In 1996 Robert Curl, Harold Kroto & Richard Smalley won a Nobel Peace Price for discovering *fullerenes, which naturally occurs in Shungite. 

Shungite not only has proven physical benefits, but also metaphysical benefits making it Indigo Mystic's Crystal of 2020 & beyond. 

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