How to Recharge Your Crystals

Crystal Cleansing & Recharging

Crystals absorb a lot or energy from our frequency & within the environment, so they often need frequent cleansing.  Cleaning crystals/crystal jewellery every 2 weeks can ensure they are emitting the most highest vibration & that you get the most benefit from them. 

You can think of the following techniques as similar to us humans, who need to sleep at night in order to rest, recharge & operate at our optimum level the next day!

Indigo Mystic Tip:  Cleanse your new crystals as soon as you receive them, as crystals tend to pick up the energy of the environment & from whoever has had it before you.

8 Ways to cleanse your crystals:

  • Water: hold crystal in your hand & allow cold water from the tap to run over it, set your intention to cleanse the crystal with the water cascading over the crystal.  The crystal may let you know when it's fully cleansed, or trust your gut feeling when it feels like it has been cleansed.
    Some crystals such as Selenite or Celestite can dissolve in water, so this method is not recommended for them.

  • Pure Rock/Sea Salt: you can immerse your crystal in sea/rock salt (salt is a purifier).  Pop your favourite crystal into a glass jar & then fill the jar with salt until it covers the crystal fully.  Your crystal can rest & reset itself in this salt for roughly 1-7 days (occasionally, a crystal may need more time, trust your intuition).

  • Mother Earth: you can bury your crystal in the earth (or place them on the surface of the earth or even in a pot plant!) to allow them to release all the energy they have absorbed into the earth to be neutralised & transmuted.

  • Some Crystals are Self Cleansing such as AmethystCarnelian & Citrine. You can also place other crystals onto an Amethyst Geode to cleanse them. With this said, I still like to give these cleansing crystals a deep cleanse from time to time, by using the methods in this blog, or sitting them alone in moon or sunlight.

  • Sage is often dried, tied together in a bundle & burned to purify spaces & is one of the most traditional ways of energy cleansing.  Sage not only purifies & removes unwanted energies, but it is also serves as a natural anti-bacterial too & promotes high vibrations, as it produces negative ions lifting the mood of the room & you!  

    Crystal cleansing with sage: safely light the edge of your sage bundle, ensuring the flames surround the top of the bundle, gently blow out the flames & with the smoke produced, hold your favourite crystal over the emerging smoke from the smouldering sage to cleanse.

  • Florida Water my personal favourite way to cleanse my crystal collection!  Simply buy your favourite Florida Water brand, decant into a spray bottle & spray over your crystals for instant cleansing & optimum crystal vibrations! : ) : ) : )

  • Frankincense: safely light frankincense 'nuggets' & allow the smoke to cascade over your crystals to reset the energy frequency.

  • Sunlight/Moonlight: probably the most easiest & low maintenance way to cleanse & recharge your crystals.  Simply sit them on your windowsill or outside in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours to allow them to recharge naturally.

Comment below with any methods you use to cleanse your crystals.  Enjoy your vibrationally renewed crystals!  : )  

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