Indigo Mystic

Indigo Mystic has been born out of a love for nature, metaphysics & holistic well-being.
With over 7 years post qualification client work experience, I strive to provide clients with high quality & holistic therapeutic counselling.  

About Me

After some experiences which led to a turning point, I felt a calling towards studying psychology. I then moved into the realm of counselling, gaining a little experience within social work and eventually working within a counselling organisation, which further awakened my altruistic nature to support others on their journey.

I became a qualified therapeutic integrative counsellor and shortly after this, moved into health care to use these skills to support people with addictions. I am an individual member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) & now offer counselling sessions as there is a great need for this work at a time of great change in our world. 

May you live in your truest spirit and follow your hearts calling courageously.

Infinite peace & wellness

Cheryl @ Indigo Mystic