High Vibrational Positive Aura Sprays

High Vibrational Positive Aura Sprays

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A blend of high vibrational flower essences, specially chosen for their energy cleansing & frequency enhancing properties, including fresh rose water & florida water, infused with crystal chips aligned with your specific needs, be it:

Love - Rose Quartz Crystals
Abundance - Citrine Crystals
Positive Vibes - Amethyst Cystals
Grounding/Earthed - Jasper Crystals

Spritz our Aura Spray over your face (eyes gently closed) to subtlety reset your frequency/energy field & uplift your spirits.
Spritz over each of your chakras to cleanse them.
Spray in your car or your home whenever you wish to gently refresh, reset, activate or turn up the vibrations.
May also be used to cleanse your crystals (except Selenite or Celestite)

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