White Howlite (tumbled) - Ethically Sourced

White Howlite (tumbled) - Ethically Sourced

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Birthstone: Gemini, Virgo & Scorpio

Howlite is known as a guardian crystal and is a good crystal to travel with, due to its protective properties.  It is naturally white, brown and clear, but is often dyed green or blue.

It guards against self-doubt and is a stone to keep close during stressful and challenging times.  Howlite absorbs rage and anger from you or anyone directing it at you and gently sends it back to the sender. 

It stimulates creativity and healing, balances emotions, assists with raising confidence, helps insomnia, strengthens your memory, has calming properties and taps into your inner strength reserves/latent power and channels these qualities inwards towards self-healing.

A lesser known trait of Howlite is its ability to help heal trauma, grief, anxiety, depression and PTSD.  

*Price per crystal
Large 2-2.5cm,
Medium 1.5-2cm,
Small flat stone 1-1.5cm